Tillage tool offers range of unique features

Tillage tool offers range of unique features

Premier Tillage is offering the Minimizer tillage tool, which conditiions soil and allows you to plow at a shallower depth.

Premier Tillage, formerly known as DC Welding, Quinter, Kan., is rolling out the Minimizer tillage tool, which the company says conditions the soil and kills weeds resistant to herbicides. The design uses a torque-free rockshaft design for precision depth control allowing you to plow shallower and do more effective tillage. The machine incorporates picker mounts into the frame too - an industry exclusive.

New tillage tool offers range of benefits for residue management.

The Minimizer hitch connects to the frame in three places instead of two allowing for a stronger and more secure way of pulling the plow through the field. The machine has no turnbuckles or grease zerks, which is combined with a new secure and hidden bearing system that eliminates the need for greasing, reducing tool prep time.

Learn more from Premier Tillage by visiting premiertillage.com.

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