Now Is Time to Reserve Golf Cart for 3i Show

Now Is Time to Reserve Golf Cart for 3i Show

Cofer Sales and Golf Carts is rental vendor for show; will also exhibit a full line of other products.

The new, permanent show grounds of the 3i Show in Dodge City, coming up July 10, 11 and 12 offer seemingly endless aisles lined with displays of everything from lawn furniture to 30-foot planters and combine headers, irrigation equipment and the latest in precision ag tools, including drones.

Navigating those grounds in the famous Kansas heat of July can be exhausting. But it is definitely easier to make it from one end of the show to the other if you have a golf cart, the approved mode of transportation around the show ground.

This year, as in the past, Cofer Sales & Golf Carts, LLC, is the rental vendor for the 3i Show.

FROM A TO B: Making it from point A to B on the show grounds of the 3i Show is much easier with a golf cart, the approved mode of transportation around the show ground.

Cofer is the southwest Kansas headquarters for new and used golf cart sales including Yamaha and Club Cars, rental carts, Grasshopper Mowers, eXmark Mowers, Cannonball bale beds, DewEze bale beds, and Triple C Hydra Beds.

Cofer Sales was opened in 1971 by Bob Cofer and has been serving southwest Kansas for over 40 years. Doug Cofer, the third generation, has owned and operated Cofer since 2002. Since that time, Cofer Sales has grown the line of tractor splitting stands, small engine repair, and added used golf cart sales as well as a rental fleet of golf carts that serve golf courses in southwest Kansas, northern Oklahoma, the Texas panhandle, and western Colorado.

Cofer Sales is the one-stop shop for all golf cart and lawn mower needs including service, repair, or customization. Custom golf carts are their specialty, coupling quality workmanship with excellent customer service. Cofer customizes golf carts with options including lift kits, tires and rims, radios, front and rear lights, and many other options to make a cart unique to the purchaser.

Cofer Sales has also been selling and installing bale beds for the past three years. Their selection offers bale beds to meet many specific needs. They also provide bale bed service and parts.

Cofer Sales will be displaying Yamaha and Club Car golf carts as well as many other used makes and models during the 60th Anniversary 3i SHOW being held July 10-12, 2014. Additional displays will include Grasshopper Mowers, eXmark Mowers, DewEze bale beds, Cannonball bale beds, and Triple C Hydra beds. Stop by and visit their exhibit located outside in spaces O-019 and O-020.

Don't forget to reserve golf carts now for the 3i SHOW! Call 620-227-6170 or 620-253-0500 for reservations.

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