Topcon acquires Norac sensing and boom control company

Topcon acquires Norac sensing and boom control company

Norac Systems International is a developer of ultrasonic sensing and boom control technology for agricultural equipment

Topcon Positioning Group this week said it has acquired Norac Systems International, a developer of ultrasonic sensing and boom control technology for agricultural equipment, in a private transaction.

Norac's automated boom height control technology has "transformed the use of agricultural sprayers," said Ray O'Connor, president and CEO of Topcon Positioning Group.

"[The acquisition is] another example of our optimism for investing in the agricultural marketplace," O'Connor said.

Jamie Williamson (left), Topcon executive vice president and general manager of precision automation, shakes hands with Bill Strelioff, NORAC president and CEO, during the ceremonies at NORAC headquarters announcing its acquisition by Topcon

Norac provides advanced automated boom height control technology for the global agricultural marketplace. Its current product line includes systems to precisely maintain a spray boom height above the top of the crop or the ground to ensure optimum application of needed fertilizers and plant protection products.

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Bill Strelioff, president and CEO of Norac Systems International, said Norac and Topcon have collaborated well in numerous precision agriculture development projects.

"We recognize that our company cultures are very closely aligned. That's the real key to multiplying the benefits of this union," Strelioff said.

Founded in 1974, Norac pioneered automated boom leveling, and currently enjoys a leading market share within the agricultural industry. In addition to the headquarters in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, three branch offices include Norac, Inc. (Minnesota, U.S), Norac Europe sarl (Guéreins, France), and Norac Trading (Shanghai, China).

The agreement marks the third precision agriculture-related purchase Topcon has made since November of 2014.  It adds an additional engineering and manufacturing facility in Canada and raises the total number of Topcon employees dedicated to precision agriculture solutions to more than 700.

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