Topcon Releases AES-25 for Sub-inch Accuracy

Topcon Releases AES-25 for Sub-inch Accuracy

New unit is fully compatible with other Topcon equipment and stays out of the way.

Topcon's new AES-25 electric steering works with the company's new System 150 or field-proven System 200 (X20 console). The AES-25 provides auto-steering all the way through real time kinetic (RTK) operation and can provide up to 2 centimeters accuracy with either system.


Rounding out the company's offerings the System 150 works with G3 technology and receives information from several satellites and the X20 console works with GPS and GLOSNASS satellites for use globally.


The all-electric AES-25 provides power steering without hydraulics and offers reverse steering as a bonus.

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