Traceability Ear Tags Distributed by Candaian Pork Council

Traceability Ear Tags Distributed by Candaian Pork Council

Effort is being made to create tags that serve dual purposes.

The Canadian Pork Council has begun to distribute traceability ear tags, as part of a national swine traceability system. The Canadians hope the traceability system will help them respond to an animal disease outbreak. The initial distribution is to Canada's breeding herds.


Most breeding animals in Canada have tags already for barn management purposes. Program manager Jeff Clark says they've tried to create a tag that can suit those needs as well. He says they want to try to create a business tool that can help producers do their business.


The tags will include a unique traceability number; provides room for a barn management number; and an RFID or electronic identifier button. As of now, producers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan can place orders for these new tags.

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