Trade Officials See WTO Agreement Still Has Potential

UK, Brazilian officials say G20 could help global trade if the agreement were passed.

The Doha Round of trade agreements keep popping up in the news like the mole in that video arcade game only to be struck down by some market factor or another. The latest appearance comes from discussions by officials from the United Kingdom and Brazil who say that the leaders of the 20 advanced and emerging countries - called the G-20 - may jumpstart the process yet again.

A Bloomberg report points to new leadership in the United States and more countries caught up in the global economic crisis as driving forces that could favor a new World Trade Organization agreement. The G-20 are getting together April 2 with delegations from 40 nations on hand as well as President Obama.

The Doha round - which aims to cut agriculture subsidies and tariffs on industrial goods keeps failing because negotiators either fail to reach an agreement, or political strength fades as an agreement nears approval. However, cinching a WTO agreement could head off protectionism efforts in some countries, which would help world markets - according to leaders quoted in the Bloomberg report. Stay tuned after April 2.

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