Tramco Introduces Web-Based Design System

Tramco Introduces Web-Based Design System

Design Center lets customers design blueprints for individual conveyor systems, matched to their needs.

Tramco Inc., a global manufacturer of En-masse conveyor systems is launching its Design Center, an interactive Web site that enables customers to research and design complex engineering blueprints for individual conveyor systems.

The Design Center serves as a virtual order form, allowing customers to create blueprints instantly over the Internet.

"Tramco is constantly exploring ways to integrate innovative technologies to save our customers time and money," said Leon Trammell, CEO and founder of Wichita-based Tramco. "The Design Center radically transforms the way customers interact with our products, and for the first time ever, gives them power to design and order conveyor systems over the Internet.

 "Using our interactive Web site, users simply enter conveyor requirements, select options and instantly download approval drawings," said Trammell. "The Design Center saves us time and enables our engineers to focus their attention on new and exciting endeavors, like continuing to develop our conveyor technology."

To demo the Design Center visit:

The Design Center is powered using iBlueprint, a pioneering technology developed by EDA, Inc., one of the world's leading design automation companies. 

"From industrial plant designers to process plant professionals the Design Center enables both longtime and potential customers to build products to spec and no longer wait for our engineers to develop blueprints for each order," said Trammell. "Customers can now investigate multiple "What-if" scenarios by designing and modifying engineering plans themselves to create the exact conveyor system they need."

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