Travel, Tourism Make a Move

Travel, Tourism Make a Move

Governor sees shift from Commerce to Wildlife and Parks as growth engine for travel and tourism.

Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback has moved the Division of Travel and Tourism from the Department of Commerce to the Department of Wildlife and Parks by executive order.

 "My top priority is to grow our state's economy," Brownback said.  "Moving the Division of Travel and Tourism to KDWP creates a great economic development opportunity for our state.  It combines the resources and talents of two state agencies who have the same goals – promoting our great state and increasing visitors to the many wonderful parks, historical sites and events Kansas has to offer."

The order renames the department to Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism.  It also allows the Secretary to appoint an Assistant Secretary for Wildlife, Fisheries and Boating and an Assistant Secretary for Parks and Tourism as well as a Director of Tourism.  It abolishes the position of Assistant Secretary for Operations.

"I have long been an avid tourism supporter, and I am excited about leading Gov. Brownback's tourism agenda," Acting Wildlife and Parks Secretary Robin Jennison said.  "We will focus on the Travel and Tourism Division's mission to encourage people to visit and tour Kansas by promoting and developing the state's recreational, historic, and natural resources."

The action moves all 13 Travel and Tourism staff members to KDWPT.

"This reorganization is very exciting and will enhance the state's opportunity to support and grow the $5.4 billion tourism economy in Kansas," Travel and Tourism Division Director Becky Blake said.

The order would be official on July 1, 2011 if the Kansas Legislature does not reject it.

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