Trimble creates new tech 'bundle'

Trimble creates new tech 'bundle'

Connected Farm services get a new pricing model, offering you more options.

Trimble has worked to fine-tune it's approach to the market with the Connected Farm program creating two bundles that growers can use for their operations. There is a free option, but to maximize investment in precision ag tools the Standard subscription will be popular for many. Here's what comes with the entry level bundle:

* View field task data including yield maps to improve variable rate management of farm inputs.

* Track and calculate profit and loss for each field to better understand which fields are performing stronger than others and prioritize and/or modify their activities.

Trimble has a new pricing model to go along with new features it's offering for its Connected Farm product.

* View prescription and management zone maps from crop or irrigation advisors, resulting in time savings and better collaboration.

* Use the Connected Farm mobile apps for in-field record keeping, mapping and scouting to streamline data management in the field and save time.

* Customize a dashboard for viewing key farm information in one central location such as commodity markets, weather forecasts, rainfall totals and pivot irrigators, giving growers full visibility of their operations and enabling better decision making.

The Connected Farm Standard bundle is available as a 12-month subscription package prices as low as $3,500 for up to 2,000 acres. For more acres, there's a scaled subscription fee. You get all the functionality of the entry bundle, plus more advanced capabilities, to:

* Remotely manage field activities through unlimited wireless data transfer between the field and office so data is received quicker for more informed decisions.

* Access fleet management for viewing fleet locations, receiving geo-fence and curfew alerts, viewing historical positions to enable improved fleet utilization and productivity.

* Monitor in-season crop health using calibrated PurePixel imagery to target specific locations for crop scouting.

* Process unlimited imagery from Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index mapping.

* Integrate as-applied maps, field task data and fleet telematics data from other industry information platforms, allowing growers to access all their information within one centralized location in Connected Farm.

The company will still offer individually priced Connected Farm Products as well. Learn more by visiting

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