Not a Resolution, But a Promise For New Year

No white Christmas, but a white New Year's and a hard bite from old man Winter

Well, Wichita didn’t get a white Christmas, but we – like most of Kansas – sure have a white New Year.

This is some of the lightest, most powdery, dry snow I can ever remember seeing. Weather folks generally say it takes 10 inches of snow to make an inch of rain. It will take a lot more of this stuff to reach that magic mark. Were this coming as rain, we’d probably have the same drizzly fog that marked so many days of December.

Still, the cold and the snow seem right for this time of year. It is winter after all and the week between Christmas and New Year’s is often the coldest of the entire winter. And now with New Year’s Day moving into the first week of the new year, we’re looking at possibly the worst weather I can imagine – accumulation of ice.

It virtually guarantees that I will be making phone calls from the office until it warms up enough to melt the ice and make footing less hazardous. I have a bad track record for walking on ice and the aching, arthritic once-broken bones to remind me of it.

Coming in the middle of the cold and dark of winter, it is still the beginning of a new year with all the opportunities for starting over. It comes on the heels of the greatest season of hope of the year – Christmas – and it is a promising time of hope and renewal.

 It’s not as awesome as spring, when everything starts coming back to life and growing but it is a time of starting over that always inspires me.

For a lot of people that promise takes the form of resolutions of what will be accomplished in the coming new year, but I gave up on that tradition years ago. I used to resolve every year to exercise more, eat healthier and lose 10 pounds. I realized after about 10 years, that I never made it past Feb. 1 with adhering to the resolution so I decided it was kind of like lying to myself and stopped doing it.

Now, on New Year’s Eve I make myself a promise instead. I promise to take advantage of every  reasonable opportunity that comes my way; I promise to learn everything I have a chance to learn; I promise to love with all my heart and make a difference wherever I can. I promise to be a role model for my beloved grandkids and teach them life’s lessons when I have a chance. I promise to do my best, own up to my mistakes and end the year a better person than I was when it began.

Starting today.

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