Try Tractor Stalk Stompers

Try Tractor Stalk Stompers

Metal and poly shoes flatten stubble before it can puncture tires or tracks.

May Wes Manufacturing wants you to try its Tractor Stalk Stompers to prevent stubble damage to tires and tracks.


Using its design for stalk stompers for combines, the company has invented a way to mount it to tractors used no-till planting and tillage operations in field stubble. The metal shoe, lined with 1/4-inch poly has been designed with a wide and sweeping curve to flatten stubble before tires or tracks arrive. The back of the shoe has been designed with a sharper curve to take up less space in transport mode. The units are mounted on a 4X4-inch square tube and typically require no welding to install.


Stalk Stompers help protect tires and tracks from stubble damage.

On many late-model tractors, an automatic lift switch can be used to raise and lower the stompers automatically whenever the tractor is put in reverse.


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