Tuesday is Important Deadline Date

Several programs have action required this week.

This Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2008 is an important date for many programs. The enactment of Country of Origin Labeling and the deadline to sign up for crop insurance to be eligible for USDA's crop protection programs have received the lion's share of the attention, but Farm Service Agency Deputy Administrator John Johnson says major crop producers in the U.S. have another program deadline that happens Tuesday.

"They need to be in to the FSA county office and signed up for the Direct and Counter Cyclical Program, what we call DCP, by Sept. 30," says Johnson.

Johnson says most producers have been in to the offices and signed up, although there are a number of farmers who have not signed up and FSA wants to get the word out because the deadline for DCP is rigid. Producers with Level 2 E-authentication to USDA's Web site can sign up for direct and counter cyclical programs online.

"We've got a small number of producers that do that," Johnson says. "We would like to see more do that and take advantage of that option, but today the vast majority of folks still prefer to go into the county office and process this in person. So which ever way they choose to do it, they need to get it done by Sept. 30."

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