Turnpike Bridge Signs Promote Rural Opportunity Zones

Turnpike Bridge Signs Promote Rural Opportunity Zones

Ads let young graduates know they can get student loan, tax relief by moving to rural Kansas.

The Kansas Department of Commerce took advantage of graduation week traffic to promote the benefits of starting a career in one of the Kansas counties participating in the Rural Opportunity Zones program.

Large signs on bridges on the Kansas Turnpike between Topeka and Wichita let students and families know that Kansas offers help repaying student loans as well as income tax abatements for people moving to ROZ counties.

"Debt is a pressing concern for many graduates, and these signs will help spread the message that Kansas offers a unique way to help them pay for their student loans," said Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat Georage.

The signs are located on bridges near southbound mile marker 113, north of Emporia, southbound mile marker 114, south of Emporia, and northbound mile marker 71, north of El Dorado.

Getting the message out
Two of the signs tout the student loan repayment program, which allows qualified graduates to receive student loan repayments of up to $15,000. A third sign advertises the ability for individuals to move to Kansas from out-of-state and have up to five years of their state income taxes waived. Currently, 73 counties are participating in the income tax waiver part of the program, and 66 counties feature the student loan repayment option. On July 1, four additional counties – Cherokee, Labette, Montgomery and Sumner – will become ROZ counties.

The signs are located on bridges near southbound mile marker 113 (just north of Emporia), southbound mile marker 114 (just south of Emporia) and northbound mile marker 71 (just north of El Dorado).

"This is exactly the type of partnership opportunity we're encouraging between State agencies," said KDOT Secretary Mike King, who also serves as director of the KTA. "Secretary George and I want the same thing: to grow the Kansas economy. This is an example of working together toward that common goal."

To date, more than 1,500 individuals from 42 states have already applied for the student loan repayment portion of the program, and it continues to rapidly grow in popularity. Students and their families are encouraged to visit KansasCommerce.com/Rural to learn more about the ROZ program and how to apply, and to view a complete list of participating counties.

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