Two New Box Spreaders in New Holland Line

Two New Box Spreaders in New Holland Line

M2000 Series brings large capacity to NH spreader family

The new M2080 and M2090 box spreaders from New Holland represent the latest high-capacity box spreaders the company has in its lineup.


With a heaped capacity of 524 cubic feet for the M2080 and 628 cubic feet for the M2090, both machines feature solid poly floors and poly-bonded plywood sides, front and end gate. The poly material is tough and smooth and slippery for easy of off-loading heavy wet loads.


New high-capacity spreading is available from New Holland with its M2000 box spreaders that boost material handling over existing models.

The hitch of both machines is an integral part of the channel-iron frame which extends the length of the machine and rides on tandem walking-beam axles. The heavy double apron system uses heavy T-Bar chain and special steel allow idler sides for long life and efficient unloading. The speed of the apron chains in the M-Series can be hydraulically adjusted independently of the PTO-driven beaters using electronic controls in the cab.


For more information on the M2000 spreaders, visit, or call (610) 621-2253.

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