Two New Deere Skid Steers

New additions to loader line feature radial lift boom.

John Deere has added two new skid steers to its loader line with the 313 and the 315 with rated capacities of 1,300 and 1,500 lbs. respectively.

A key feature of the new loaders is the radial lift boom, a design in which the buck rests close to the machine when in the down position and swings forward into the work zone for a four- to five-foot range.

Cushioned bucket and lift cylinders are designed for smoother deceleration at the end of the boom lower position and also cushion the bucket when curling and dumping loads.

John Deere's new 313 and 315 model skid loaders join the company's 300 Series with rated capacities of

1,300 and 1,500 lbs.

Both machines are equipped with Deere's 4024T four-cylinder 2.4L engine rated at 2,400 rpm, for maximum fuel efficiency and low noise levels.

Service intervals for the 313 and 315 have been extended to 500 hours and both models come with visual hydraulic fluid level checks for quick, no-mess daily inspections.

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