Tyson Cutting Back Pork Production

Farms sold in Missouri and Arkanasas.

Tyson Pork Group will reduce production by 20,000 sows, leaving another 50,000 sows in production. The reduction is expected to take 10 weeks. The farms being sold are located in Benton and Washington Counties in Arkansas and McDonald County, Missouri. Oklahoma farms were not affected.


The Tyson Pork Group, a subsidiary of Tyson Foods, produces finished hogs and younger pigs for sale to pork processors and finishers. However, the sale of younger pigs has slowed because of unfavorable economic conditions such as high grain costs, lack of available capital and a reduction in pork demand.


Tyson spokesman Gary Mickelson said, "This is a difficult process, but we believe it's necessary as we navigate through the challenging conditions facing the pork industry and effectively manage our live hog business."

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