Tyson Shifting Some Production South

Tyson Shifting Some Production South

Iowa facility is losing jobs as a result of the move.

Tyson Foods is shifting some production to its facilities in Goodlettsville, Tenn. and Sherman, Texas. As a result, 480 jobs will be lost from its case-ready beef and pork operation at its Council Bluffs, Iowa facility. That plant has 1,300 employees.


The company says the continued growth of case-ready beef and pork sales in southern states prompted the move. The changes are expected to enable the company to make more effective use of its existing case-ready production capacity in plants that are closer to the company's growing customer base.


Tyson's case-ready facilities use beef and pork from Tyson Fresh Meats' operations to produce packages of steaks, roasts, chops, ground beef and other items that are ready for retail grocers to place directly into the meat case.  

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