Universal Bans Trans Fats at Amusement Parks

Following in the footsteps of other businesses - including Disney - Universal Studios will remove trans fats from all three of its amusement parks.

Universal Studios became the latest company to ban trans fats, announcing that it will ban the artery-clogging fat from its foods in its three amusement parks in California and Florida.

Disney announced healthier menus and a trans fat ban in its theme parks around the world earlier this year. Universal is looking into expanding the ban to all of its parks worldwide.

Some food will still be cooked with trans fats until the end of 2007, but 90% of the foods at Universal's U.S. parks are already cooked with trans-fat free oils.

SeaWorld Orlando has also moved towards healthier menus this year, and several fast food chains have also banned trans fats. In December, New York City became the first city in the U.S. to ban artificial trans fats in its restaurants' foods.

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