Universal Remote for Tarping

New kit lets you command a roll tarp system from inside the truck.

ACI (Agri-Cover, Inc.) has released a new universal remote kit system for any existing electric spool roll tarp installation.

The $360 kit allows an operator to command the roll tarp system from inside the truck cab, eliminating downtime in the field and inefficient "running back and forth" from the cab.

ACI's new remote control switch can keep you in the cab as you click a button to unroll or roll up an

electric spool roll tarp or side-locking tarp. The kit sells for $360.

The kit comes with a weather-resistant control box and a manual switch, two wireless remote key fobs, necessary hardware, a mounting template and instructions.

ACI also offers kits to power existing manual roll tarp system starting at $1,193.

For more information call (800) 233-4655, or click on www.agricover.com

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