Updated Information and Database Launched

New system provides data not previously available.

USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service recently launched an enhanced U.S. foreign agricultural trade searchable database called the Global Agricultural Trade System. The GATS database replaced the current U.S. trade data system and is providing users with U.S. agricultural data not previously available from FAS. The information includes: U.S. Customs District trade data, monthly and annual trade data going back to 1967, and U.S. state export data.


FAS Administrator Michael Michener says the program will prove to be an incredibly valuable tool for quickly and easily performing research and analysis on U.S. trade data. GATS will help exporters and government officials keep up with fluctuations in U.S. agricultural trade.


This information can help formulate marketing and negotiating objectives and strategies. Policy makers, program administrators, farmers, exporters, food aid organizations and others will be able to use this information to plan activities and make decisions.


GATS may be accessed at http://www.fas.usda.gov/gats.

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