U.S. Extension Service Extends Its Reach With eXtension Web Portal

Goal is to put unbiased, research-based information interactively at your fingertips.

The Co-operative Extension Service rolled out its new web-based knowledge transfer system at USDA’s annual Outlook Forum. The notion is to provide a web portal to allow users to tap the expertise of Extension’s myriad of subject matter experts nationwide. Go to www.eXtension.org and look around.

Extension experts transfer information they gather from their own real-life research into the eXtension knowledge base. Customized user tools will help you locate the information you need, when you need it. Subject matter areas include:
• Animal manure management.
• Beef cattle.
• Caregivers.
• Corn.
• Cotton.
• Dairy.
• Disasters.
• Diversity.
• Entrepreneurship.
• Gardens, lawns and landscapes
• Geographic information systems.
• Horses.
• Imported fire ants.
• Organic production.
• Parenting.
• Personal finance.
• Soybeans.
• Wildlife damage management.
• Youth, science, engineering and technology.

Plus eXtension.org is adding more categories every month.

Multiple aids for helping to make decisions

Extension brings together experts from more than 74 land-grant universities to provide objective, scientific information to the public. By creating high-quality research-based information, eXtension will serve the needs of the anywhere-anytime generation of American users, giving them quick access to the organized customized resources they need to make informed decisions.

When you visit eXtension.org you get:
• Credible expertise and reliable answers based on sound research and field-tested data.
• Up-to-date, 24-hour availability from any Internet connection.
• Connections to the best, most innovative minds in American universities.
• Customized answers to your specific needs.
• Searchable knowledge base and “ask the experts” options.
• Contact to over 3,000 local Cooperative Extension offices with professionals who can help you in your own neighborhood.
• Community-building features including blogs, online chats, content evaluation and rating.

Aiding local entrepreneurs

About 1 in 4 people in today’s work force are self-employed. Entrepreneurship will grow in the future. Expansion will occur across the map—in urban places, suburban communities and in rural America. Budding entrepreneurs face numerous obstacles and challenges. At www.eXtension.org/entrepreneurship you’ll find:
• Frequently asked questions that deal with many aspects of starting and maintaining your business.
• Information briefs that offer short, focused and to-the-point information on topics such as: Creating a business image, the basics of marketing and does my business need a website?
• Research highlights that help you catch up on the latest research on entrepreneurship.
• Case studies that will help you learn from what others had done to make their businesses succeed.
• Learning lessons that provide you with quick educational opportunities whenever you are ready—anytime, anywhere—right at your fingertips.

Entrepreneurship is just one of many topics eXtension.org covers. Log on and look around.

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