U.S. Food Being Sent to Haiti

U.S. Food Being Sent to Haiti

Over 14,000 tons of food to be distributed.

When last week's earth quake hit Haiti the world stood still and took notice.  Then it went into action. Aid in many forms has been entering Haiti from sea and air from many nations around the world. President Obama released $100 million to help aid that nation. As part of that effort, a relatively new organization in the United States called USAID will provide 14,550 tons of food aid which will help feed 1.2 million people for two weeks and is valued at approximately $18 million.


In order to expedite delivery, the food stocks will come from supplies already in U.S. Government warehouses. Specifically, the Title II pre-positioned stocks in Jascinto, Texas. It includes 7,000 tons of rice, 4,550 tons of corn soy blend, and 3,000 tons of vegetable oil. The food will be distributed by the United Nations World Food Program and private voluntary organizations.


Other organizations across the nation are also contributing foodstuffs to the Haiti recovery effort. A complete list of those organizations can be found at: www.usaid.gov

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