U.S. Livestock Allowed into Russia

Full market access to Russian market for all types of livestock.

Russia has announced it will begin accepting imports of U.S. breeding and slaughter swine; breeding and sport horses; and breeding cattle as well as bovine embryos, provided the cattle were born after the 1997 ruminant-to-ruminant feed ban.

"Russia's decision demonstrates our trading partners' confidence in our ability to effectively protect animal health and food safety," says Agriculture Secretary Ed Schafer. "This decision opens up a new market for U.S. livestock producers, and we are pleased that such an important trading partner is looking to the United States to help establish a significant livestock market."

The Russian live animal market is worth more than $300 million, and will help U.S. producers substantially. It will also help Russia's livestock herd, which has been in decline for the past 15 years, to reinvigorate their genetics. USDA continues to work with countries around the globe to gain full access to U.S. livestock and use international scientific standards.

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