U.S. Working to Move Doha Forward

Schwab and Lamy meet in Washington.

Last Thursday and Friday, U.S. Trade Representative Susan Schwab and World Trade Organization Director-General Pascal Lamy met in Washington D.C. to discuss the Doha Round of global trade talks.

"Ambassador Schwab shared some of the ideas, thoughts and discussions that she and her team have been having with other trade ministers and teams throughout the world," says USTR spokesperson Gretchen Hamel. "While there are many important outstanding issues, the U.S. remains committed to a successful outcome and our senior officials are prepared to resume work in September."

Schwab and Lamy talked about bringing forward new ideas to move negotiations forward yet capitalize on what progress was made in the WTO ministerial meeting held in Geneva last month.

"The United States has shown tremendous flexibility and will continue to lead, but we can not do this alone," Hamel says. "A successful conclusion depends on all WTO members to exercise a similar commitment."

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