USB Invites Soybean Farmers on Marketing Tour

USB Invites Soybean Farmers on Marketing Tour

See for Yourself program follows soybeans' journey beyond the elevator

When soybeans are unloaded at the elevator, it may seem like the end of a long journey. But it's actually the first stop on a voyage that takes U.S. soybeans to both domestic and international markets.

To help producers go beyond the elevator and see how the soy checkoff is involved soy marketing and end-use, the United Soybean Board is inviting U.S. soybean farmers over the age of 18 to apply for the "See for Yourself" program.

As part of the program, participants first travel to St. Louis to view the operations of the checkoff and visit local sites related to domestic uses for soybeans.

See for Yourself program follows soybeans beyond the elevator

Since about half of the soy produced in the United States is exported, participants will then travel internationally to experience how international customers use soy.

Ten soy farmers will be selected for the tour, to be held Aug. 15-22. USB will cover all related rooming, meal and travel expenses.

"USB believes this program is important because participants not only see the checkoff first-hand, they also have the chance to evaluate its programs, as well," said David Hartke, chair of USB's Audit & Evaluation committee.

"The See for Yourself program is a once-in-a-lifetime experience," he added.

To apply, visit the USB website,, through April 4.

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