USB Responds to Allegations

Board says claims of mismanagement of checkoff funds untrue.

From the United Soybean Board Annual meeting in St. Louis, USB Chairman Ike Boudreaux responded to allegations of excessive and wasteful spending, mismanagement of checkoff dollars and numerous other violations by USB and the U.S. Soybean Export Council. These allegations have prompted the American Soybean Association to ask for an investigation by the Office of the Inspector General. Boudreaux says the claims are untrue.

"Today the U.S. soybean farmers enjoy record demand both here and abroad for their soybeans through the fiscal responsibility efforts of the farmers who serve voluntarily on the USB board," Boudreaux said. "If USDA deems it necessary, USB welcomes the USDA Office of Inspector General audit of any and all of its operations, contractors and projects."

Boudreaux encouraged interested parties to learn how USB and the soybean checkoff work by visiting

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