USDA Accepts TAA Petition

USDA Accepts TAA Petition

FAS will review petition filed by lobster producers.

USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service has accepted a petition for review under the fiscal year 2011 Trade Adjustment Assistance for Farmers Program. The program provides technical assistance and cash benefits to eligible U.S. producers and fishermen of raw agricultural commodities whose crops or catch have been adversely affected by imports of like or directly competitive commodities. The petition was filed by the University of Rhode Island, representing American lobster producers in Rhode Island.

Under the TAA for Farmers Program, petitioners must demonstrate that either the national average price, or production, or value of production, or cash receipts, of the U.S. commodity has declined by greater than 15% in the most current year compared to the previous 3-year average and an increase in imports during the same time period contributed importantly to the decline.

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