USDA Announces Air Quality Grants

$5 million made available to 10 universities for agricultural air quality research and extension.

USDA is awarding $5 million to 10 universities for research, extension and education activities on practices that will reduce agricultural air emissions and odor levels, USDA's Cooperative State Research, Education, and Extension Service Administrator Colien Hefferan announced today.

"Developing research-based information on air quality issues in an increasingly regulated environment is critical for America's farmers and ranchers," Hefferan says. "By educating the next generation of land managers with sound science through high-impact extension programs, we help producers make informed decisions that are critical to sustaining agriculture."

The CSREES air quality program focuses on developing emission data for agricultural production practices and mitigation techniques. The program also seeks to increase knowledge about the transport and end destination of released odor, gases and particulate matter as well as educate producers and the regulatory community about technologies and best practices to lessen the production and transport of agricultural emissions and trace greenhouse gases.

Funds went to the following institutions:

Alabama A&M University, $200,000
University of California - Irvine, $499,276
University of Connecticut, $499,429
Georgia Institute of Technology, $499,780
University of Illinois, $499,858
Iowa State University, $499,933
Kansas State University, two awards, $427,659 and $499,378
University of Kentucky, $487,087
University of Nebraska - Lincoln, $498,562
Texas A&M University, $359,038

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