USDA crop progress: U.S. corn harvest at 85%, soybeans at 92%

USDA crop progress: U.S. corn harvest at 85%, soybeans at 92%

Winter wheat rated 49% good/excellent vs 47% week ago in Monday's USDA crop progress and condition reporrt

Corn harvest advanced to 85% done as of Sunday, ahead of 62% a year ago and the 79% five-year average, while the soybean harvest increased to 92%, ahead of 81% a year ago and the 88% average, USDA's weekly crop progress and condition report said.

Winter wheat planting reached 88% and emergence 72%, compared with 89% and 76% a year ago and the respective 90% and 73% averages. The crop was rated 49% good to excellent, up from 47% a week ago, but down from 59% a year ago.

USDA suspended the corn and soybean condition ratings for the season.

U.S. corn harvest is nearly done at 85%, USDA says in latest crop progress report (Thinkstock/Fotokostic)

Iowa's corn harvest was at 85%, ahead last year's 57% and the average's 81%. Soybean harvest there reached 96%, versus 90% a year ago and the 96% average. Illinois corn was 96% harvested and soybeans also were at 96%, compared with the respective averages of 88% and 91%.

"Grain movement from farm to elevator was rated 57 percent moderate to heavy. Off-farm grain storage availability was rated 78% adequate to surplus. On-farm grain storage availability was rated 69% adequate to surplus," the Iowa state report said.

In Kansas, winter wheat was rated 46% good to excellent and the crop was 77% emerged, compared with 81% for both year ago and the five-year average.  Topsoil moisture was rated 56% adequate to surplus.

"The state received half an inch or more of precipitation and experienced near-normal temperatures," the Kansas report said.

Nationally, sorghum was 79% harvested versus 64% a year ago and the 72% average.

Cotton was 50% harvested, which was behind the 54% average.  The crop remained at 47% good to excellent, however "good" gained 1 point and "excellent" lost 1 from a week ago.

Next week, USDA will only provide harvest updates for fall harvested crops. It will provide planted, emerged and condition readings for winter wheat.

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