USDA crop progress: U.S. corn unchanged at 70% good to excellent

USDA crop progress: U.S. corn unchanged at 70% good to excellent

Winter wheat harvest at 93%, spring wheat 8%

Corn's national condition stayed at 70% good to excellent in Monday's USDA update with the excellent rating gaining 1 point and good slipping one as minor improvements in Indiana and Nebraska were offset by small declines in a number of states including Illinois, Ohio, and Wisconsin.

Crop Progress 7/20: Corn, soy conditions unchanged

Soybeans improved to 63% good to excellent from 62% a week ago. Minor gains were noted in Illinois, Indiana and Iowa, among others.

Winter wheat harvest advanced to 93%, compared with 89% a year ago and the 85% average. Spring wheat's condition slipped 1 point to 70% good/excellent with top producer and the harvest was at 8% versus the 11% average.

USDA crop progress: U.S. corn unchanged at 70% good to excellent

In top producer Iowa, corn stayed at 83% good to excellent, Illinois slipped 1 point to 56% and Indiana rose 1 to 47%.

"Although heavy rains were reported in some areas of the state; drier than normal conditions prevailed in other areas," the Iowa state report said. "Activities for the week included fungicide and insecticide applications. There were reports of weed and insect problems in soybeans and fungus in corn fields."

Nationwide, 90% of the corn was silking, ahead of last year's 88% and the 89% average. Soybeans were 81% blooming and 54% setting pods, versus the respective averages of 83% and 49%.

In Washington, where dry conditions have been a problem, spring wheat slipped to 18% good from 19% good/excellent last week.

North Dakota's wheat slipped to 81% good to excellent from 84% as high wind hurt some small-grain crops.

"Lodging and head loss were reported in these areas, but the extent of the damage will not be known until the fields are harvested," North Dakota said of the wind.

Crop Progress 7/13: U.S. corn at 69% good to excellent

Sorghum was 57% headed versus the 53% average. The condition stayed at 68% good to excellent.

Cotton was at 57% setting bolls versus the 64% average. It was rated 57% good/excellent, unchanged from a week ago, although excellent gained 1 point and good lost 1.

Topsoil moisture was largely adequate to surplus from North Dakota to Oklahoma and throughout the Midwest. In Washington, topsoil was 1% surplus, 34% adequate, 36% short and 29% very short, with the very short category up 4 points from a week ago.

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