USDA Gives Nearly $180 Million for Rural Water Projects

Rural Development announced 61 new water and wastewater community systems on Earth Day.

USDA Under Secretary Thomas C. Dorr announced Rural Development funding of nearly $180 million for 61 water and wastewater systems in 29 states, coinciding with the observation of Earth Day.

"These projects will build and improve rural water and sewage systems, and rural communities will benefit through cleaner water, recreation and wildlife resources," Dorr says. "USDA is working with communities across America to provide investment financing and an improved quality of life for local residents."

The USDA funding will help communities upgrade sewage systems to better manage storm runoff, expand and/or upgrade water treatment plants, extend water service to new residents and build a renewable energy generation facility.

A complete list of the selected loan and grant recipients and projects can be found at

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