USDA Helps North Dakota Livestock Industry

Vilsack extends CRP emergency use.

North Dakota livestock producers facing losses from continued flooding will have some relief. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has extended emergency use of Conservation Reserve Program land for North Dakota livestock producers until May 15. The Secretary agreed to the extension for the emergency use of the acreage due to the continued flooding. USDA also agreed to support North Dakota livestock producers by granting the state $750,000 dollars to help provide for livestock feed and is instituting other measures to help ranchers in the Red River Basin.

"These measures are designed to help North Dakota's producers, hit with devastating losses from flooding, save their livestock and livelihoods," said Vilsack. "Along with other actions USDA is taking to speed implementation of programs that will help affected communities, we are assisting farmers and ranchers in every way we can."

Additionally, USDA is working to expedite the rule making process and implementation for the Livestock Indemnity Program, and the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Honey Bees, and Farm-Raised Fish Program, which will provide assistance to producers affected by this disaster. USDA has also directed field offices in affected areas to inform producers about the documentation they will need to apply for the LIP and ELAP programs when they do come online.

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