USDA Highlights Ag Science Education On Twitter

USDA Highlights Ag Science Education On Twitter

USDA Chief Scientist Catherine Woteki tweets about science education just in time for back to school

USDA's Chief Scientist Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics Catherine Woteki Friday joined Twitter users to field questions on USDA's role in agricultural science education.

The Twitter chat is part of USDA's new efforts to increase science, technology, engineering and math – also known as STEM – education for students. Woteki answered questions about what USDA is doing to increase STEM opportunities. Woteki's answers are denoted with "^CEW"

Here's a look at Friday's Twitter chat:

If we plan to feed 9B ppl by 2050, we need to train the next gen of scientists. It starts w/ #STEM foundation. ^CEW #studyagscience

USDA Chief Scientist Catherine Woteki tweets about science education just in time for back to school

Q1: What is the level of provision for technical and academic training in the USA? UK is very poor #StudyAgScience

A1: Land grant univ's in all 50 states and territories offer undergrad majors in #Ag sciences. MS & PhD programs too. ^CEW #StudyAgScience

Q2: @scienceatusda Is there a one stop shop where students can find #studyagscience internships/jobs/scholarships?

A2: Yes, one-stop shop for internships and jobs can be found at ^CEW #StudyAgScience

Q3: How can we really help increase interest in #STEM and a next generation of scientists? #studyagscience

A3: Secret to getting kids interested in #STEM - catch them early. @4H kids more likely 2 go 2 college & study science.^CEW #StudyAgScience

Q4: Promo potential? Can ARS+LGUs offr ed opps 4 promising ARS tech staff 2 mv up 2 scientist rank, so ARS tech= a great career? #StudyAgScience

A4: Yes, see plan to boost animal ag research @ LGUs by reading action plan at ^CEW #StudyAgScience

Read a true story about how #ag science degrees pay off on the @USDA blog,… ^CEW #StudyAgScience

My story: In school, I was 1 of few women in all my science classes. Lesson learned: follow your passion. ^CEW #StudyAgScience

Our @USDA science agencies have resources for every grade level, K-12, and higher ed also. ^CEW #StudyAgScience

Q5: @scienceatusda What are the most popular careers in #ag science today? #StudyAgScience

A5: Genetics, genomics, plant breeding are among the top areas where #jobs are for grads with #ag science degrees. ^CEW #StudyAgScience

For younger students, @USDA_ARS Science 4 Kids page has many activities for budding scientists. ^CEW #StudyAgScience

Q6: #StudyAgScience What does #USDA have 4 teachers looking to help #STEM students in the classroom? Thx for ny info that would be helpful!

A6: @USDA_NIFA programs like @4H & Ag in the Classroom. More info here: ^CEW #StudyAgScience

Thanks, everyone! Keep up with what @scienceatusda does by reading @USDA blog every Science Tuesday. ^CEW #StudyAgScience

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