USDA Names New Deputy Financial Officer

Holladay is selected to fill deputy CFO position.

Jon Holladay has been chosen as the new Deputy Chief Financial Officer for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In the position, Holladay will provide oversight for USDA financial operations, the National Finance Center and agency financial organizations.

"Holladay's history at USDA has been impressive," says USDA CFO Chuck Christopherson. "His knowledge of finance coupled with an understanding of information technology is a great asset to the government. He establishes high standards, drives results, and helps others get across the finish line."

Holladay has held several positions within USDA's financial office since joining the department in 1992. He has been acting deputy director of the NFC and been responsible for USDA's fiscal policy, strategic planning and competitive sourcing as the associate chief financial officer.

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