USDA Program Offers Support for Solutions

USDA Program Offers Support for Solutions

State agencies encouraged to apply for federal agriculture matching funds.

USDA has invited state departments of agriculture, state agricultural experiment stations and other state agencies to submit proposals that help to market, transport and distribute United States-produced food and agricultural products domestically and internationally. Selected proposals will be funded through the Federal-State Marketing Improvement Program.


Deputy Ag Secretary Kathleen Merrigan points out that this program is a great way for state agencies to tackle some of the distribution and market issues our farmers are facing.  Edward Avalos, Under Secretary for USDA's Marketing and Regulatory Programs, emphasizes that these funds are used to focus on barriers, challenges, and opportunities in marketing, transporting, and distributing food across the United States.


The FSMIP is a matching grant program administered by Agricultural Marketing Service, with funds allocated on the basis of one round of competition. USDA is particularly interested in proposals that involve collaboration among the states, academia, producers and other stakeholders and in proposals that have state, regional or national significance. Federal funds awarded to any project must be matched by non-federal funds or in-kind resources.

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