USDA Releases Latest Cash Rent Figures

USDA Releases Latest Cash Rent Figures

County cash rent data is available for download.

The latest cash rent figures have been released. The Director of the Field Crops Division at USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service Joe Prusacki says the information is used in several different ways.

"The county cash rents was mandated in the 2008 Farm Bill, so last year was the first year, this is the second year that we've conducted and published that information," Prusacki said. "Really we work very closely with FSA on that, because they are using that with finding proper value of CRP arrangements and such as that, so it's a joint relationship we have going on with FSA."

The Farm Service Agency is the primary way producers and landowners interact locally with USDA. Prusacki says the cash rent survey is pretty popular with farmers. The NASS data for counties in the United States is available for download from the agency Web site at

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