USDA Secretary Heads to India

Mike Johanns will talk trade with Indian ministers this weekend.

Agriculture Secretary Mike Johanns will travel to India to discuss trade issues with ministers there from Nov. 18-22. The two major World Trade Organization parties will work on bilateral and multilateral trade issues.

Johanns will encourage trade liberalization in talks with Indian parliamentarians and private industry representatives, speak on the Doha trade talks and Indian-U.S. agricultural trade to the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, and visit a farm community and agricultural market.

"The United States and India share democratic values and a long friendship," Johanns says. "As a leader of the G-20 trade group of developing nations, India plays an important role in the World Trade Organization Doha negotiations. We welcome its support as we work to get the Doha talks back on track. We are also continuing our important joint efforts to promote science and technology and create a sound regulatory environment that promotes trade and investment."

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