USDA Study Will Produce New Information

USDA Study Will Produce New Information

Food choices and spending will be examined by survey.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack says Princeton-based Mathematica Policy Research has been selected to conduct a major survey on food choices and expenditures by U.S. households. The National Household Food Purchase and Acquisition Study will gather unique, detailed data not previously available to researchers. USDA's Economic Research Service will use the resulting data to study how food assistance programs and other economic and demographic factors affect household food purchase decisions and health outcomes.


Vilsack says this ambitious 5-year effort will fill in critical gaps in existing data on the food purchases of U.S. households and be invaluable in assessing and enhancing the effectiveness of USDA's food assistance programs for low-income families. The data will include key factors like food prices, where food is purchased, dietary knowledge, and the interplay of food assistance programs and food choices.

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