USDA to Award $12.8 Million for Rural Communities

29 loans and grants will go to assist rural communities and businesses in 12 states.

USDA will award 29 loans and grants totaling over $12.8 million to help rural communities and businesses, Under Secretary for Rural Development Thomas C. Dorr announced Monday.

"These funds will help create jobs, finance the construction of community hospitals, and provide for essential services in rural areas," Dorr says. "The projects funded today will help to create or save an estimated 2,450 jobs."

The funds are being provided through USDA Rural Development's Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant program. Under the program, Rural Development provides loans and grants to Rural Utilities Program borrowers, usually rural telephone or electrical cooperatives, which in turn provide loans to rural businesses and communities in their service areas.

A complete list of the loan and grant recipients is available by going to:

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