USDA Transition to New Administration Underway

Ag Secretary expects smooth and seamless change at USDA.

Secretary of Agriculture Ed Schafer says USDA has had transition teams in place for several months ready for a new administration, which he says is very important.

"The Obama transition team is well in place; they've got good folks , they are moving in as we speak," Schafer says. "We're thinking by the middle of next week or the end of next week sometime we'll have some folks in here at USDA and look forward to an orderly and proper and good transition."

Schafer plans to remain during the majority of the transitional phase and possibly even longer if necessary.

"If there, you know, it took some time to get the right person in or they found the right person and it took some time to extract or something like that and for a few months if it would be helpful to go through a transition that's a possibility," Schafer says.

However when asked about the possibility of President-Elect Obama asking him to remain as Ag Secretary, Schafer said he had no plans to accept the position long term.

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