USDA will Implement New Farm Bill to Best of Its Ability

Despite objections, Conner says implementation will move forward.

Only last week Deputy Secretary of Agriculture Chuck Conner was calling the new Farm Bill unacceptable, irresponsible and bad policy. But with Congress overriding the Presidential veto and most of the bill becoming law, USDA is charged with enacting the legislation.

Conner says the Administration's poor opinion of the bill, will not affect its implementation.

"We have a long list of professionals who are a part of this great agency and they are going to do their best to administer this bill in the way Congress intended in a way that is most beneficial to our constituents, to the farmers and ranchers and all the nutrition recipients out there," Conner says. "You would not expect it to be any different from an agency like UDSA, so despite our policy differences we are going to administer this bill to the very best of our abilities."

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