USDA Working to Become the People's Department

USDA Working to Become the People's Department

Transparency, participation and collaboration integrated into everyday operations.

USDA has taken the first steps in making "The People's Department" more open to the public.  By participating in the Open Government Plan, USDA has formalized plans to integrate openness, transparency, participation and collaboration into the Department's every day operations. The Department's core values of accountability, customer focus and professionalism contribute to meeting these goals.

"To efficiently meet the Open Government requirements, USDA established a unique governance structure comprised of three levels of leadership and direction that came together to form working groups, an Advisory Council, and Steering Committee, including representatives from every level of USDA, including IT partners, data owners, public affairs and senior leaders," said Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack.

The plan formalizes goals, opportunities and outcomes for each of the open government principles. Additionally, the Secretary points out the plan includes initiatives across the department to illustrate how we are breaking down barriers between government and the public leading to a more efficient and effective government.

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