Value Cuts Promoted in Mexico

Meat exporters look to educate retailers in Mexico.

Beef value cuts have gained in popularity in the U.S. recently. Steaks derived from cuts that formerly were only used for ground beef offer flavor, tenderness and texture with significant savings over many more traditional cuts.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation teamed up with the Texas Beef Council to promote value cuts in Mexico last week by conducting seminars with Wal-Mart employees on the quality and affordability of these items. Beef industry consultant Dr. Anton Mata, a meat scientist, lead the seminars on beef value cuts.
"The Wal-Mart audience was very, very engaged," Dr. Mata said. "This was their first exposure to beef value cuts, and they are hungry for knowledge and information. So I was very pleased with how engaged they were – a very receptive audience."

The seminars concentrated on proper cooking of value cuts as well as meat cutting demonstrations of how to obtain value cuts. The seminars in Monterrey and Mexico City were videotaped and will be turned into instructional videos by USMEF to promote value cuts throughout Mexico to retail and foodservice outlets.

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