Veal Industry Adopts Guidelines

Veal Industry Adopts Guidelines

Code of conduct and ethical principles approved.

Delegates to the 2010 American Veal Association annual meeting last week unanimously adopted a statement of ethical principles and code of conduct as a way to articulate veal industry principles and confirm an industry commitment to "veal raised right." The final document was submitted to the AVA delegates in an effort to bring full industry alignment to the principles that guide today's veal industry.


AVA President, Chip Lines-Burgess says by adopting and embracing these principles, they can help their consumers and customers better understand their commitment to producing safe, nutritious food, protecting the environment, caring for animals, providing a safe, rewarding work environment and contributing to our communities.  Lines-burgess emphasized that these are the values the veal industry believes in. 


The veal industry is well on its way to meeting a voluntary effort to transition all veal farms to group housing by 2017.  The AVA estimates that approximately one-third of veal calves are raised in group housing.  

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