Versatile hitch offers flexibility

Versatile hitch offers flexibility

Geny Industries offers unique connection approach so you're always able to hook up.

Nothing like a little frustration to make someone invent a new approach to a problem. For Carl Borkholder it was the frustration of not having a hitch system that allowed his landscaping trucks to hook up to the right towable units. His answer was development of an adjustable tri-ball hitch to allow trucks to multiple units. And this the Gen-Y Hitch was born.

The line has expanded to 8 Class IV hitches and 3 Class V models. All the hitches are designed with multiple stacked receivers to allow the three-ball ball mount to be easily adjusted for height and have weight capacities from 10,000- to 20,000-pounds.

The Gen-Y Hitch offers you plenty of options for hooking up, and the company is designing more products for the future.

And Borkholder hasn't stopped developing new hitches. The company is working on accessories to the line and systems for hooking up too. The company has even come up with a three-point system to allow your tractor to act as a two unit.

You can learn more about the line and pricing by visiting

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