Versatility Both Ways

New Holland offers bidirectional tractor.

New Holland has upgraded its bidirectional tractor with the introduction of the TV6070 a machine that offers a turnabout console and seat so the operator can always face the work.

The fulltime 4WD TV6070 comes with a new 6.7L engine and an eight-range transmission, along with the capability of running a three-point and hydraulic connections and power takeoff systems hitch on either end of the machine.

The engine is fed through a mechanical fuel injection system which meets Tier III emission standards and can operate on diesel fuel or any biodiesel blend up to B100. The tractor is rated at 105 PTO horsepower.

COMING AND GOING: New Holland's new TV6070 adds more transmission flexibility and a more powerful,

emission compliant engine to the company's bidirectional tractor offering. The TV6070 is rated at 105 hp at the PTO, and offers hydraulics, PTO and three-point hitch capability on both ends.

The eight-range transmission is controlled by the operator setting the range or shifting on the go. With heavy loads the transmission downshifts to meet the load and returns to the operator's selected range setting when the load is reduced. Ground speed ranges from 0-19 mph, depending upon the tire size choice.

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