Vilsack Confirmed as Secretary of Agriculture

More cabinet confirmations set for Wednesday.

Just a few hours after Barack Obama took the oath of President of the United States, the U.S. Senate confirmed seven of his cabinet appointees. Among them was Tom Vilsack who was confirmed as the new Secretary of Agriculture.

The former Iowa governor's appointment had been all but a foregone conclusion following last week's hearing before the Senate Agriculture Committee. Senator Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, was the first to speak in the Senate following the inauguration and fully supported Vilsack's confirmation to head USDA.

"Governor Vilsack will do an outstanding job, I've said many times and I say it again," Grassley said. "He's learned first hand in the 1980s from his law practice and being a mayor of a small town that a farm crisis is not just affecting farmers; it happens to be a rural crisis that impacts all of the economy."

The Senate will tackle the remaining nominations one at a time starting Wednesday with the appointment of Hillary Rodham Clinton to be Secretary of State.

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