Vilsack Unveils Updated Research, Education and Economics Information System

New version provides transparency & accountability to taxpayers.

An updated version of USDA's Research, Education and Economics Information System was released Monday. This version adds additional data sources, opens data to Google Search and provides for extended data analysis as it allows the public to measure the impact and effectiveness of USDA's research, education and extension programs.

"The new version of the USDA's information system provides the public with access to up-to-date research information and tools to understand how their funds are being used to advance our knowledge of agriculture," Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack said. "This is another step President Obama and USDA are taking to provide transparency and accountability to the American taxpayer."

Initially developed in 2002, REEIS offers information ranging from agricultural and forestry research projects, to state accomplishment reports, statistics on funding, publications, institutions, faculties and students. Information from several government agencies, including the Agricultural Research Service, CSREES, Economic Research Service, National Agricultural Statistics Service and U.S. Forest Service are currently housed in REEIS.

For more information about REEIS, visit

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