Voting Now Open for 8 Wonders of Kansas People

Voting Now Open for 8 Wonders of Kansas People

Personality, lifetime of person must be open to the public.

Submissions will be taken through July for the 8 Wonders of Kansas People. The People contest is the last in a series of 8 Wonders of Kansas contests organized by the Kansas Sampler Foundation.

Foundation director Marci Penner says, "We're looking for Kansans who did things no one else did, or did things first, or did them in such a way that was remarkable."

Because one of the goals of the contest is to inspire travel in Kansas, one of the criteria is that there must be something permanent to see that tells about the personality or life of the nominee and is publicly accessible.

The nominee does not have to have been born in Kansas but should have made some kind of reputation as a Kansan or contributed to Kansas in some significant manner. Due to the criteria, in almost every case the nominee will not be living. The exception is if a major display or memorial has been made to honor someone's life and work. More details about the criteria can be found at

A nomination should include bullet points highlighting the nominee's life work or claim to fame and information about the attraction associated with the nominee. The public is encouraged to make submissions online at or send them to the Kansas Sampler Foundation, 978 Arapaho Road, Inman, KS 67546.

The top 24 finalists, as chosen by a selection committee, will be announced September 9 when voting will being.

Previous contest categories were the overall 8 Wonders followed by Architecture, Art, Commerce, Cuisine, Customs, Geography, and History.

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