WASDE Confirms Strong Grain Markets Conditions

Supply is ample to meet world demand.

The U.S. Grains Council believes Tuesday morning's World Agriculture Supply and Demand Estimates, confirms that the United States is more than able to continue supplying global customers with the necessary grains.

"Barley, corn, and sorghum growers can rest assured that exports are contributing to the disappearance of grains and their co-products," said USGC President and CEO Ken Hobbie. "Ethanol and exports are responsible for increasing demand and reducing existing supplies. As farmers work to ensure a successful planting and growing season, we are confident the U.S. supply will be abundant enough to meet global demands."

Corn exports are projected 9% higher as world corn trade and feeding recover and feed wheat out of the Black Sea region reduces in availability. Hobbie said that exports for U.S. corn and all coarse grains are picking up modestly and will contribute to securing profitability for U.S. growers.

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